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Services Offered

UAQA, LLP is a full service Web studio. We specialize in the artistic and technical production of public Internet material for a demanding and diverse global browser space.

The information architects at UAQA can build your Web site "from the ground up" or rework the underlying code, content and structure of your existing site. This eliminates your need to know the latest nuances of browser technology or hypertext code theory. You, your company, or your organization are free to concentrate on preparing and structuring the information content; UAQA ensures the on-line usability and effective presentation of that information. The result is a world-class Internet site.

We have extensive experience helping our clients present complicated and dense information sets in direct and intuitive ways. Acting as a sounding board, and using our expertise and low-impact prototypes, we work with your staff to find the best way to direct your audience in their quest to find what they are looking for.

UAQA can create solid, browser-neutral templates that ensure whatever information you put into them looks professional and performs properly "in the wild," that is, on any browser/platform combination anywhere on the Internet. Our HTML templates can also be used to produce database-driven web sites. Creating this type of template and the database programming which powers it is exacting work. This is a specialty of our expert designers, artists, programmers, and assurance staff.

Here are a few of the technologies we maneuver within: XML, XHTML, ASP, ASPX, SMIL, Flash, Perl, Java. We also have a CISSP certified staff member, run our own servers, routers and firewalls, and host many web sites on our 10 Megabit internet pipe, some of which serve over a million "hits" a day. We can write different flavors of HTML, from "wheelchair accessible" to whiz-bang forward-leaning super-code. Our staff has mastered operations on Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux and Windows servers and worked with Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, Access and plain-text databases.

UAQA has been crafting effective Internet sites for corporations, organizations, and associations since the inception of the Web. Through this working experience, we have become expert at helping you define and follow scope requirements, limit "scope-creep," and concentrate on content. After all, content is the focus of the Web site and that which you are ultimately responsible for. Thus, dividing the work UAQA experts handling the technical elements and your staff developing the content makes a daunting project a manageable and enriching experience for all involved.

We can be contacted via email to russell@uaqa.com or phone on 301-270-7070 ext. 2. We are located in the state of Maryland in the United States of America.

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